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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Perfect Bike Pant

The name says it all. Ladies, if you are biking to work every day you need to be wearing The Perfect Bike Pant by ILADORA Apparel. They are the first bike pant of its kind to not only be comfortable and durable, but also fashionable at the office!

Why are they so perfect?

  • Durability/Quality- Every day wear and tear won't break these pants down or diminish quality
  • Eco Friendly- The fabric is made of the highest standards to ensure environmentally friendly fabric production. 
  • Fashionable- With their great choices of color combo's you can wear these with just about any top, and have the best looking booty on a bike!
  • Transitional- From the road to the office and everywhere in between, you can feel confident these pants will work for your destination
  • Water resistant- You can't control the weather, so why not be prepared?
  • Budget Friendly- Get 40% off retail when you order right now!
Check out their campaign on Indiegogo and get yourself a pair of The Perfect Bike Pant. Not only will you be helping to fund their production, you also be sporting a pair of the hottest new pants in your city! 
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