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Friday, April 4, 2008

For the Italian in all of us

Who would have thought Naples would have a problem with burying the dead?!

"Before long it will be completely impossible to bury the 60 or so bodies which are the city's daily average,"
Click on the link to read more about this breaking story.

You can also learn some funitalian:
"Porca di quella vacca! Non finisce mai..." It never ends...

Craft Whore

Well, you know how much of a craft whore I am. So I thought I'd post this great link. I actually have this gadget on my iGoogle homepage so I get 3 new crafts everyday. It's exciting!

Check it out. Better yet, put it on your iGoogle homepage (if you don't have an iGoogle homepage, best be getting on that right quick.)

We should get together and do one.

Cheers and happy friday, ladies!