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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fake n' Bake: Best Self Tanners

Today I bring you an important post from my wonderful esthetician, Dawnielle Dale.

The sun is peaking it's head and the warmth is getting us ready for summer! What's missing?? Our tan!! How do I get my tan with out exposing myself to those harmful UV rays you ask? That's right.....I use self tanners! Here are my personal favorites!

Image Skincare has an amazing face & body bronzer that I use on my face. Apply directly to freshly exfoliated skin each day until desired color is achieved. You may be worried about smelling like self tanner but this lotion has a light fresh smell, you will feel like you put on perfume and not tanning lotion!

Victoria's Secret Self Tan tinted lotion has been my number one pick for my body....and I've tried a lot! I like to mix equal parts of self tanner & body lotion and apply to all desired areas. Gives me a smooth, even, natural, pretty glow! For $15, you definitely need to give it a try!

Stay tuned for more summer beauty tips!

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